Crisis communication workshops at International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC2014) in Burgos

7 april 2014 — door Hugo Marynissen

In partnership with our colleagues from SD Group (Spain) and CIP Institute, we developed a series of four high-level workshops for the International Youth Nuclear Congress in Burgos, Spain (July 2014). Using known and unknown examples, cases and exercises, participants will learn about communication with the public in various situations related to the nuclear sector.

Workshop information:

  1. Are we communicating or are we managing a complex interactive process?
  2. How to deal with media in a broad organization context?
  3. Why do people have the wrong risk perceptions, and how to address them?
  4. How to communicate when things are going wrong?

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Categorieën: Cases, Crisiscommunicatie, Crisismix, Oefening, Relatiedenken Reacties uitgeschakeld

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